Heroes of the Nentir Vale

The story so far

The Lord of the Nentir Vale

Evil is stirring in the Nentir Vale. A cult of the blood god Orcus has slowly extended its claws into the town of Winterhaven, the sleepy villages of the Harkenwold, the town of Fallcrest and the dwarven stronghold of Hammerfast.

The evil has been defeated in Winterhaven, but the Harkenwold lies open to attack on the very doorstep of the cult. The Lord of Fallcrest is now an undead pawn of the cult. Hammerfast is weak and vulnerable after barely defeating an army of orcs led by a crazed dragonborn champion of Gruumsh.

There are rays of hope: the heir of Fallcrest, Ernesto Markelhay, has returned from exile and the trade route to the Barony of Therund is open once more. But while there remains a chance of raising his father from the dead, Ernesto cannot yet govern with the full support of the people.

The armies of the cult are building behind the Wall of Bones, its northern frontier. Scouts have seen death giants and undead horrors beyond imagination.

It is only a matter of time before the undead horde sweeps into the vale.



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